Surrey Materials Institute

The Surrey Materials Institute seeks to be an internationally leading inter-disciplinary centre for research on interface science and engineering, surface phenomena and materials functionality. The need for the Institute arises from the challenges of the 21st Century as described in recent Foresight activities such as cognitive systems, manufacturing 2020, healthcare, crime and security and smart materials. These challenges demand dramatic advances in our understanding and use of materials just as great as those seen in the latter half of the 20th Century.

Within the institute, you will find vertically and horizontally integrated programmes of research addressing pure and applied aspects of polymers, metals, particles, coatings, dispersions and It brings together researchers at the forefront of their disciplines in a vertically, (nano-micro-macro-mega or synthesis-processing-characterisation-application) and horizontally (inter-disciplinary) integrated whole. Current problems which have seen major advances in recent years and which are actively addressed at Surrey include those of adhesion of polymers to metals in a c